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  • Abstract Join the world’s most popular Poker game with more tables, more tournaments, and more people to challenge than ever before. It’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker the way YOU want to play!

  • critique It’s a great app if they could control the players that come into steal your money by going all in when you’re at a table just to play. I would’ve given it a 5 star rating if it weren’t for this problem. But, it can be very frustrating with the players who try to manipulate the game. When I first started playing, you could play with people from all over the world, and have a relaxing evening of playing poker. But, now when a new player sits down at your table, you have to be alert for clues that they intend to steal the blinds or as much of your chip stack as possible. They go All In, and if you don’t have a strong hand you have to fold to them and they keep doing it every hand, over and over. I hope this doesn’t sound completely negative. It is a great app! They created, in my opinion one of the best poker sites out there and I think I’ve tried them all. Don’t let a few bad seeds ruin it for you because every once in a while, you can sit down with other players that just want to play, have a fun game night and make new friends from all over the world

  • published Dates 2010-05-14

  • Version 21.52

  • Device ipod apple

  • User Rating 4,6 of 5

  • Publishers Zynga Inc


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Scam i did download two apps and follow each instruction but after i visit the site still the same. .i did not receive chips useless scammer. Does not work. Says You can try later or you can reduce your waiting time by completing additional offers and we"ll place a high priority on your account.  This means your request will be executed immediately. What a freaking waste of time. Great hack for free chips! Works perfect, thanks. Thanks for the hack, worked as charmed on ios12. I want to buy 1T.

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I wanted to say thank you for the hack, i am playing it now, thats great. I cant install the game from playstore item not fund how can install zynga poker. I"m new to it. But how did you win the first hand (go. Awesome hack for Zynga Poker! Everything works perfect, thanks. Never works. Wow amazing. I was just looking for this informations. Thanks for sharing this great hack. If it work do it for me. When I touch a player, either I see their stats or I"m able to send them a table item. Often when I"m trying to see stats the only thing opening is table items. Or Vice Versa. I keep touching the player over and over and the wrong slide out keeps opening. Very frustrating. I can"t find instructions anywhere. Highly annoyed. This video explains nothing.

It didn"t work for me it says busy. Hahahha. Ended up working well. Time to go destroy the table. Awesome hack, i love this game, thanks for share. Hi guy. can do it for me. i think cant do it in my country. Thank you for the chips ?? I got for free ??. Not certain about the points made but, if anyone else wants to learn about learn how to play poker try card crusher fixer (do a google search. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy got cool success with it. Best gambling game. Bonjour, comment ajouter des amis sans passer par Facebook s"il vous plaît ? Merci ??. Best cheat I ever seen. You"re a the best. Very useful video! Thank"s for the chips. How do you get the hand strength meter.

Fxvking scammer. I sell chip zyngaa. My Code XPSCAM5. The point is even when you have rally good cards you just check and make people think you dont have anything and just call but then in and boom i also play like her,good strategy. Super useful Zynga Poker cheats. Awesome job. Thanks. Ess, it works perfectly fine, Thank you for sharing this video. Super useful and great video. Thanks. My biggest Pot 40T omg HAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for sharing this, worked just as expected. M n, i just disc ver e ed this m st r ent rele se a aassoci a ted with Z nga P k r r feren e g n r t r at this point. ry it tod y whil it n v rtheless w rking. Z ng ker: xas H ld m - G m pl (iOS, ndroid.

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It perfectly works, just make sure to follow the steps precisely as said in the video. This is not work so bad. Can i bye 10B pleas. I have a video recording of chips being illegally deducted account, as correspondence with Zynga Support which states it shouldn"t have happened, yet no compensation made. Can someone help me publicise this. Send me 1b chips.

This is amazing! I can"t believe that I finally found a method that works! It is only important to follow those instructions carefully! Thanks a lot.

How to send chips to my friends by android

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